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BrainsBreaker is a computer jigsaw puzzle with lots of features to let you feel and play
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17 December 2009

Editor's review

For many of us, Jigsaw puzzles still continue to be a quite handy source of entertainment as well as some really vital mental exercises. These puzzles were conventionally introduced as the cardboard puzzles where the player had a whole cardboard picture cut into smaller interlocking pieces and a reference image for arranging these pieces in the required manner to form a full picture. Mainly popular among children, these puzzle games have entertained people of all ages and expertise levels. With the introduction of such games for computer, we have a number of games which give us the flexibility of even making our own puzzles from a picture, like BrainsBreaker v.4.10.003.

BrainsBreaker is a shareware application for creating and solving jigsaw puzzles on a PC platform. The game has a nice interface with the whole game screen divided into two halves laterally. On the left half, you can see the reference picture and pieces for arranging and on the right hand side, you have to arrange these pieces in order to complete the picture. The puzzles can be created from any picture available in your computer and can be cut into any number of pieces with maximum range transcending the figure of thousands of pieces. Moreover, managing so many pieces still does not get complicated with its powerful features where you can arrange parts of the whole puzzle separately and then combine them afterwards. You can easily resize the parts of the picture and can print the whole puzzle with this application.

To conclude with, BrainsBreaker v.4.10.003 is a complete ‘value for money’ application with its host of features and easily manageable pieces, no matter whatever be their number, leading it to score a rating of three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

BrainsBreaker allows creating and playing jigsaw puzzles on your computer with realistic pictures and many features for a very comfortable way of operation. It allows easily create your own puzzles with any image visible on your screen. From four to more than one thousand pieces with assorted and challenging shapes. Rotable pieces, resizing the puzzle while playing, nails, boxes, scores, rankings, printing and more. Allows creating freely distributable gift puzzles with your photos for sending to anyone. Fun for all
Version 4.10
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Nice program! LOVE the exportable feature to share puzzles with others without forcing them to buy/download the program. Marvelous!
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